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Real Time Redirected Leads BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL


Sale Ends Midnight EST November 30th - Cyber Monday
Act quickly.  Products will be Sold Out as quantity limits are reached.

(Pricing below already reflects the 50% Discount)

Market nationally and redirect the lead to your website! Each prospect is exclusively redirected to your choice of website. Make contact immediately, they will be still viewing your website. Options available to select by Gender, by Country (US & Canada) and by Time Zone.

Lead data: full name, postal address, email, telephone, time zone, best time to call, interest level, amount of time and money willing to invest, desired income, reason, time stamp and IP address.

Each lead is delivered in real-time! This means that as soon as a prospect completes and submits their information on one of our business websites (click on the image), it is immediately emailed to you. If you make contact with the lead immediately, they will be amazed you called so quickly.

We provide a free online leads management facility with your leads giving you the ability to:

  • Control Lead Delivery - Receive your leads when you want them!
  • Set Daily Delivery Cap - Maximum leads you want per day.
  • Report Invalid Leads - 100% Replacement on eligible invalid leads.
  • View or Download all Leads.
  • Order Leads.

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